Low Light Level CCD Technology (L3 Technology) from E2V

An interesting new development from E2V that can give fast-readout and sub-electron noise.

 CCD65 : TV style sensor , active area 11.5 x 8.6 mm, 576 x 288 pixels.

CCD60 : WFS style sensor, 128 x 128 pixels. Now available thinned.

CCD87: 512 x 512 pixel thick device with 16um pixels

CCD97: Thinned version of CCD87.


Application of L3 Technology to Wavefront Sensing, Simon Tulloch,SPIE5490-34, June2004

Photon Counting and Fast Photometry with L3 CCDs, Simon Tulloch, SPIE5492, June 2004


Photon Counting Stategies with L3 CCDs , A.Basden

Sub Electron noise at MHz pixel rates, Craig Mackay, SPIE 43061 (pdf)

The LLLCCD: Low Light Imaging without the need for an intensifier, Jerram, Pool, SPIE4306 (pdf)

More on Statistics

Paper from Marconi: low Level Imaging, Spencer and Catlett (please note Marconi are now  E2V)

 A paper outlining possible applications of a fast-readout CCD for obtaining Hi-Strehl images without adaptive optics:

Investigation into L3 CCD Performance, (word), (pdf) Simon Tulloch Aug03


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Andor Technology L3 Tutorial

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Lecture by SMT, Microsoft PowerPoint (includes section on Deep Depletion CCDs also)

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