Complete working instructions found here

Steve Magee has increased the motor torque on the INT prime focus rotator and after many trails it appears to move reliably between the 0 and 180 deg position. There is not provision made in the microcomputer software to indicate the TCS that the locking pin (PLUNGER) is in and this has caused problems in the past. When using the PF rotator I strongly suggest you use the following procedure.
  1. ALWAYS OPERATE THE ROTATOR FROM THE TCS CONSUL type either USER> rot sky 0 or USER> rot sky 180 and wait 1 minute for the action to complete.
  2. In the green "Prime Rotator Tip Session" window (lpss13 - workspace /program window) type PLUNGER_IN after a couple of seconds you should get a message SUCCESS CODE = N it is then safe to continue observing. If SUCCESS CODE = T (time out) then execute step 3.
  3. In the green "Prime Rotator Tip Session" window type PLUNGER_OUT followed by CLAMP_OFF assuming you have a SUCCESS CODE = N for both of these actions then type PLUNGER_IN and after a SUCCESS CODE = N type CLAMP_ON and it should then be safe to continue observing.

Eng. Notes for moving the rotator:
-Telescope in acces park.
-Plug the VT200 in the PF connector, "Telescope Top Ring"
 VT200 Protocol: 7 Bits, 9600 Baud, 7 Bits odd Parity no check, 1 Stop Bit, 
 No Local Echo.

-Type HELP, Will display Instructions, Before activating a mechanism you must
 select it by typing ROTATION 

-Before moving the rotation you must free the rotator.



 XXXX POSITION   where XXXX is the number of a position.
                        0 = 200
                       90 = 1100
                      180 = 2000
                      270 = 2900
                      360 = 3800

 Position may be obtained by typing:


 ?CARDINAL informs if at cardinal point.

 Status Messages:

 N - No error detected
 O - Mechanism is operating and its status may not be meaningfull
 C - Command error invalid mechanisn identifier has been set.
 T - Timeout error, Taking longer than it should to reach posn.
 L - Limit error reach a limit switch. Should not occur in normal operation.
 S - Switch error, both limit switches are true ie. cable disconnected.
 D - Demand error, mechanism has been commanded to move outside its normal

-The electronics 4ms controller and the Power Supply is in the clip center.

Loading the RAM disk into the WFC controller:
The RAM disk of the WFC controller may be corrupted if neither rebooting (tip meng) or power cycling gets the connection back properly. (Check with ccd0>see, 1 tele, 2 tele, 3 tele 4 tele). In that case, the firmware of the eprom is corrupted, and you'll have to read it back from the floppy disk.
IMPORTANT: Before powercycling the controller, switch off the portserver located below the blue box on the cass rotator. Switch back on after the controller has been powercycled. Remove the floppy drive, check with 'see' if everything is ok

It is also possible to reload the RAM from the tip meng session

NB:Do not attempt this unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing since loading the wrong software could destroy the science CCDs.


There are a number of defective pixels on the INT Autoguider CCD. It is 
easy to confuse these with stars as they will be picked up by a FIELD 
command. The main difference though is that they don't move.

Below is a list of the pixel coordinates of all the defects I'm aware of:-

	X	Y	Mag
--------- ------- ---------
	17	746	16
	17	911	17
	17	981	16
	17	1000	16
	110	800	13
	237	680	16
	275	702	16
	326	776	18
	414	731	17
	420	897	17
	564	929	16
	637	930	16