WHT command glossary - decommissioned instruments

Below are command glossaries for some now-decommissioned WHT instruments:

Glossaries for current instruments can be found in the WHT command glossary.


LAPERTURE pos     move aperture wheel to position (0 - 7)
LFILTER pos       move filter wheel to position (0 - 7)
LGRISM pos        move grism wheel to position (0 - 5)
LFOCUS pos        move camera focus to position (0 - 767)
LDOOR state       lock (1) or unlock (0) access doors

LAPERTURE_SETUP   define contents of aperture wheel
LFILTER_SETUP     define contents of filter wheel
LGRISM_SETUP      define contents of grism wheel

LDSS_CLAMP wh     clamp one of wheels APERTURE, GRISM or FILTER (not used)
LDSS_UNCLAMP wh   unclamp one of above (not used)

LAPERTURE_INIT    initialise aperture wheel
LFILTER_INIT      initialise filter wheel, LFILTER_GINIT is better?
LGRISM_INIT       initialise grism wheel
LFOCUS_INIT       initialise focus mechanism

LDSS_INIT         initialise all LDSS mechanisms
LDSS_FOCUS_SETUP  define focus reference value

LDSS_BEGIN        startup LDSS software
LDSS_LOAD         load LDSS D-task
LDSS_DEFINE       load all LDSS ICL procedures

AGMIRROR OUT      ... is needed for LDSS

                  initialise mechanism

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ETALON_VOLTAGE p  select etalon voltage = 1, 2, 4 or 6
ETALON pos        move etalon wheel to position by name or number (-6 - 6),
                  abbr ETA
IRIS diam         use iris to set field diameter (0 - 150)
IVALVE state      set state of N2 inlet valve OPEN or CLOSED
OVALVE state      set state of N2 outlet valve OPEN or CLOSED
TANAME            set names of aperture masks in focal-plane filter wheel,
                  abbr TAN
TAPERTURE pos     set aperture wheel to position (-8 - 8), abbr TAP
TENAME            set names of etalons in wheel, abbr TEN
TFFILTER pos      sove focal-plane filter wheel to position (-8 - 8), abbr TFF
TFNAME            set names of filters in focal-plane filter wheel, abbr TFN
TFOCUS pos        set camera focus (0 - 6000), abbr TFOC
TFTILT angle      tilt filter in focal-plane filter wheel (-1 - 10), abbr TFT
TPFILTER pos      move pupil-plane filter wheel to position (name or -8 - 8),
                  abbr TPF
TPNAME            set names of filters in pupil-plane filter wheel, abbr TPN

-ve filter numbers indicate reomval of detent required

TAURUS_INIT mech  initialise mechanism ALL, TAPERTURE, ETALON, TFFILTER,
                  TFTILT, IRIS, TPFILTER, TFOCUS
                  find status of mechanism (one of above or CS100,

CS100_CLOSE       close servo loop
CS100_EXT         set CS100 to external control etalon cavity
CS100_GAIN gain   set GAIN (0 - 9) for servo loop
CS100_INT par     set integration on servo-loop ON or OFF
CS100_LOC         set CS100 to local control
CS100_OPEN        open servo loop
CS100_RESET       reset servo loop
CS100_STEP offset step etalon by OFFSET 
CS100_TABLE       set up lookup table in 4MS for etalon scanning
CS100_TICO par    set time constant for servo loop
CS100_XOFF offset apply OFFSET (-2048 - 2047) to X channel of servo loop
CS100_YOFF offset apply OFFSET (-2048 - 2047) to Y channel of servo loop
CS100_ZOFF offset apply OFFSET (-2048 - 2047) to Z channel of servo loop

FP_MODE           set detector
FP_SETUP          specify observing parameters
FP_SETUP_2D       change etalon gap for 2D exposure
FP_EXP_2D         take 2D exposure (abbr of FP_EXP_2D_CCD)
FP_EXP_3D         take 3D exposure (cube)
FP_NEWTIME_CCD    set new time for 2D exposure
FP_FINISH_CCD     finish 2D exposure

To abort 2D exposure, ctrl/c, FP_ABORT_CCD
To abort 3D exposure, ctrl/c and wait for plane to complete

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UAGX x            set X of autoguide probe
UAGY y            set Y of autoguide probe
UAGXY x y         set X and Y of autoguide probe
UGDXY probe x y   move probe FINE or COARSE to pick up star at X,Y on TV
UAGFOC focus      set focus of autoguide probe
UAUTOFILT filter  select autoguider filter by name or number
UAUTONAME         set names of autoguider filters

ULAMPS lamp       select lamp THAR, W or D or combination thereof
ULAMPSHUT lamp    close shutter on lamp LAMP
ULAMPNAME         set names of comparison lamps
UCOMPFILTND filt  select ND filter for comparison lamp by name or number
UCNNAME           set names of ND filters for comparison lamps
UCOMPFILTC filt   select colour filter for comparison lamp by name or number
UCCNAME           set names of colour filters for comparison lamps

UFILTPOL name     select polariser wheel position by name or number
UFPNAME           set names of components in main polariser wheel
UFILTND filt      select ND filter for A&G by name or number
UFNNAME           set names of ND filters for A&G
UFILTC filt       select colour filter for A&G by name or number
UFCNAME           set names of colour filters for A&G

UES_INIT mech     initialise mechanism
UES_INIT NAG      initialise A&G box

                  SHORTSLIT, LAMPS

USLITANGLE angle  set slit angle in mdeg
USLITWIDTH w unit set slit width to W ARCSEC, MICRON or PIX
USLITLEN w unit   set slit length to W ARCSEC, MICRON or PIX
USLITSHUT par     set slit shutter 0, 1, OPEN or CLOSE
UEXPOSE t         open slit shutter for T msec
UDEKKER pos       set dekker position in microns
UMODLENS pos      select focal-modifier lens by name or number
UFMNNAME          set names of focal-modifier lenses

UCOLL coll        select UES collimator 1, 2, WIDE or UV
UFOCUS focus      set UES collimator focus in microns (0 - 20000)
UHART pos         move Hartmann unit to 0, 1, OUT or IN
UHARTPOS pos      select position of Hartmann shutter UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT

UPRISM            move prism table in or out of beam (COMMAND DISABLED)
UPRISMPOS pos     set prism position in units of 0.1 mm (0 - 2400)

UECHELLE echelle  select echelle 1, 2, E31 or E79
UTHETA31 theta    set THETA for E31 in mdeg (-1750 - 1750)
UTHETA79 theta    set THETA for E79 in mdeg (-1750 - 1750)
UGAMMA31 theta    set GAMMA for E31 in mdeg (-2290 - 2290)
UGAMMA79 theta    set GAMMA for E79 in mdeg (-2290 - 2290)

UCAMLAMP par      switch flat-fielding LEDs in camera 0, 1, 2, OFF,
                  ON1 or ON2  (1 is yellow, for IPCS; 2 is red, for CCD)
UCAMSHUT pos      set camera shutter 0, 1, OPEN or CLOSE
UPINMASK pos      open or close pinhole-mask shutter 0, 1, OUT or IN
UPIXEL pix        set pixel size used to convert microns to pixels (microns)

UTEMP             read the 8 UES temperature sensors

UES_UPDATE mech   get status of mechanism, or ALL, NAG, UES or TEMP
UES_CANCEL mech   cancel ADAM action on mechanism
UNAMES            set names of components in all filter wheels

UTVVIEW           configure UES and A&G for viewing field with ISEC TV
UPROBEVIEW        view field centre using coarse autoguider probe

UCENWAVE31 w [or] configure spectrograph for wavelength W, blaze peak unless
                  order OR is specified
U31               synonym for UCENWAVE31
UCENWAVE79 w [or] as above, for E79 grating
U79               synonym for UCENWAVE79
USLITOFF off un   apply offset OFF in units UN (normally MDEG)
UGAMMAOFF off un  apply offset OFF in units UN (normally MDEG)
UTHETAOFF off un  apply offset OFF in units UN (normally MDEG)
UES_INIT mech     initialise individual mechanism or ALL, NAG or UES

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This section refers to the old ICL system, but some of the commands
may work under unix.

In the commands below, task or can be a data-collection task
(e.g. HCT, RAT) or the name of an instrument (e.g. ISIS, ISISP, LDSS).

task_LOAD                 load TASK (e.g. HCT, RAT, TEL, ISIS)
task_BEGIN                begin TASK e.g. HCT_BEGIN, ISIS_BEGIN
task_CANCEL mechanism     to cancel mechanism movement in progress,
                          e.g. UES_CANCEL USLITLEN 
task_INIT mechanism       initialise given mechanism e.g. ISIS_INIT HWPOLAR
                          (there are some variations in syntax, see
                          individual sections below)
task_INIT all             initialise all mechanisms in system
task_UPDATE ALL           update MIMIC page e.g. UES_UPDATE ALL

DEFSTRING name string     sets up NAME as synonym for the STRING
STRINGS                   lists currently-defined DEFSTRINGs
KILL taskname             kill a task
LIST proc                 list procedure PROC
PROCS                     list names of procedures
ctrl/c                    break into a procedure (don't use ctrl/z)
SET TRACE (or NOTRACE)    switch on (or off) reflection of individual
                          commands in procedures
TASKS                     list active tasks (e.g. ISIS, RAT)
TROUBLE                   log previous 200 network messages
IDENTIFY                  change name of observer and PATT/CAT reference
NWT_BEGIN                 change to new data directory

MIMIC_START               start MIMIC
TEL_LINK_TO_TCS or TINIT  re-establish link to TCS

SHUTTER instrument UNJAM   
                          unjam a shutter
(Alternatively, go to CCD engineering terminal, select appropriate CCD
with rotary know, type UNJAM.)

Low-level command to mechanism has form

     SEND task verb mechanism-name parameters

task = e.g. AUTO, CAGB, CCD1, CCD2... CCD8, DMS, ISIS, TEL, UES
verb = OBEY or CANCEL
mechanism-name (action name) = e.g. HW_POLAR, BLUE_FOLD, EXPOSURE_TIME
parameter = e.g. ISTAT, MOVE, INT, STOP, REPROGRAM

(in case of parameter STOP, if blocked, can use e.g. SEND... STOP BLUE_FOLD
instead of SEND... BLUE_FOLD STOP)

$UCP LOOP                loopback test on NIU

As a last resort, if you need to stop the beep, beep from persistent
alarms, kill the talker window.

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Chris Benn (crb@ing.iac.es)

2008 Apr 28