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Javier Licandro

Research interests:
Minor Bodies of the Solar System:
physical properties of cometary nuclei
surface properties of trans-neptunian objects (TNOs), Centaurs, comet nuclei and related icy minor planets
dust and gas in cometary comaes
surface and rotational properties of Near Earth Objects

Recent highlights:
  1. First AO images of a NEO, 2002 NY40 with NAOMI.
  2. Detection of water ice in the near infrared spectrum of the TNO (20000) Varuna
  3. First ever obtained near-infrared spectra of the bare nucleus of a cometary nucleus: the case of 124P/Mrkos and 28P/Neujmin 1.
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Miquel Serra-Ricart, Julia de Leon Cruz, Alex Oscoz (IAC), Noemi Pinilla-Alonso (TNG),Luisa M. Lara (IAA), Pedro Gutierrez, Laurent Jorda (Marseille), Humberto Campins (U. of Central Arizona), Julio Fernandez, Gonzalo Tancredi (Uruguay), Hans Rickman (Uppsala), Ricardo Gil-Hutton (San Juan), Gian Paolo Tozzi (O. di Arcetri), Mario di Martino, Elisabeta Dotto (O. di Torino), Daniela Lazzaro, Renne Duffard (Observatorio Nacional, Rio), Monica Lazzarin, Simone Marchi (O. di Padova).

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