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Starting up

ECHOMOP may be used in a variety of ways depending upon the expertise of the user.

The most convenient method for normal use is to start the main ECHOMOP task itself. This task provides a guided path through the processes in a standard reduction.

ECHOMOP is a menu driven program which drives all the other programs in the package. ECHOMOP will always provide a default for the next task to be performed, and this will usually be the correct one for a standard reduction. To accept the recommeded next step , it is only necessary to hit /return/.

The package uses a disc based 'reduction file' to pass objects between its various component tasks. The user will initially be asked to provide a filename for this file , which will be created in the current directory. This file is permanently associated with a particular set of data frames (object,arc,flat etc.) thereby providing the ability to replay any aspect of the reduction at a later date. Reduction files can occupy a large amount of disk space however, and many users will wish to delete them as soon as the reduced spectrum has been obtained.

To start a reduction type


at the command line ($) prompt.

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