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Windowing and binning CCD data

To window a CCD, type the following.

You will then be prompted for the number of windows to be set up, and the start position and size of each one. Setting up more than one window per channel may be counter-productive in terms of the final image size: discuss this with your support astronomer.

(N.B. To date (Jan 1994) the active areas of the CCD's are: EEV-x=?--?, y=?--?; TEK-x=?--?, y=?--?. This information is also to be found in the CCD Quality Control Folder, kept in the WHT Control Room.)

To bin the CCD, use commands such as

ICL>  BIN UES 2 2 
   ICL>  BIN UES 2 1
where the parameters give the binning factors in and .

You can temporarily disable windowing, return to reading out the whole CCD, and then re-enable the windows:

   ICL> RUN UES 10

Note that enabling and disabling the windows does not change the binning. Binning factors are reset to (1,1) and windows are disabled when a channel is set up.

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