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Obtaining copies of this manual

This manual has been prepared using . A copy of the current source is held on the La Palma VAX cluster (SPAN node LPVS5 29146 or internet address in directory [MANUALS.WHT_UES], along with its associated rasterized file, UES_USER.DVI-CAN. New copies of the manual may be printed out using:

(to give output on the laser-printers in the WHT and INT buildings, respectively). A copy is also held on the STARLINK VAXcluster at RGO Cambridge, in the directory CAVAD::DISK$USER1:[MANUALS.WHT_UES].

After 01--April--1994, the CAVAD cluster will be closed and the manual will be transferred to GXVG::DISK$USER1:[MANUALS.WHT_UES]

Additionally the manual is held on-line, accessible to GOPHER users - gopher to and the manual is held in Telescopes/WHT/UES

Mon Mar 14 16:50:31 GMT 1994