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The ECHOMOP package provides facilites for the extraction of spectra from 2D-data frames, such as those typically provided using Echelle spectographs. The package was written primarily for the reduction of data from the UCL Echelle Spectograph (installed on the AAT), but is sufficiently flexible to process data from a wide variety of instruments producing 2-D multi-order/object spectra.

A substantial degree of automation is provided, particularly in the traditionally manual functions for cosmic ray contamination detection, and arc line wavelength calibration. The automated functions can also be overridden by interactive alternatives when required. Features include robust and flexible order tracing, optimal extraction, support for variance arrays, and 2-D distortion fitting and extraction.

In the interests of maximum flexibility the package provides both a highly interactive shell task which guides the user through the operations usually required, as well as providing unitary tasks for all significant operations, allowing the construction of powerful batch reduction jobs for processing multiple frame datasets. Facilities for automated archiving of results, and flexible transport of models between different reductions are also provided.

The package was developed under funding from the S.E.R.C. and has benefitted from constant involvement with the personnel of the Optical Science Labarotory (at UCL) where the UCLES instrument was designed and built. The current implementation uses the FIGARO environment as installed at all UK STARLINK sites, and an ADAM version is being produced.

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