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This procedure acquires a 3D datacube, using parameters defined by FP_SETUP.

The procedure will first set up TAUUS and the CCD for the observation.

It will then open the file specifiying the order in which the planes of the datacube are to be scanned and ask you whether you wish to scan the entire cube. Normally the answer will be yes, unless a previous exposure has been aborted. If a previous scan failed partway through, then answer no here, and you will be asked which records of the file should be scanned.

You will then be asked to input the integration time per step. In order to keep the total integration time for the cube below 2 hours, it is normally necessary to specify about 100 seconds here.

The procedure will create a DMS buffer and ask if you want to clear it. Answer yes, unless you are restarting a previously aborted exposure. The procedure will then scan through the datacube.

At the end of this procedure, type FPKEEP to keep the data.

If the procedure fails whilst the datacube is being scanned, it is possible to restart. First type CLOSE TABFILE to close the file specifying the order in which the etalon is being scanned. You may have to type DELETE CLOSE first, in order to remove an ICL procedure whose name conflicts with the ICL command to close a file. Then restart the system , answering no when asked if you want to scan the entire cube, specifying which planes to scan, and answering no when asked if the DMS should be cleared.

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