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The Autoguider and TV systems

The autoguider system consists of 2 parts. A dedicated CCD controller is located on the telescope. This differs from other CCDs in that the CCD chip is cooled by a Peltier Cell, and the application software is different. The second part of the autoguider consists of a VME system located in the control room. This sends commands to its CCD controller via a private RS232c serial link. Image data is returned to the VME system along a fibre optic cable. Whilst guiding, the autoguider calculates the tracking errors and transmits them across a second private serial link to the telescope control computer.

The integrating TV system is currently a stand alone system, not controllable across the Utility Network. It is based around a standard VME 68020 micro- processor system together with special cards to interface to the TV cameras and to provide a display.

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