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The autoguider is a Peltier-cooled CCD, operated at -35 degrees C. It should always be left at room temperature when not in use. It is flushed with nitrogen in order to prevent condensation on the chip surface. In order to make sure there is a supply of nitrogen to the CCD, check that there is nitrogen gas at pressure connected to the flushing box inlet, and check that the 24V supply to the flushing box is connected and on.

The autoguider's microprocessor is started simply by turning it on; it lives in the same blue cupboards as the TV micro, behind the door labelled NASMYTH (of course!). If the red light labelled G.O.A.T. (on the top rack) is on, the CCD controller at the telescope will have to be switched on as well. The light should then go off. After starting the micro, type START-UP. The cooling system will start to cool the chip and will not let you do anything else until it has. Check the flowmeter on the input to the flushing box, and adjust the flow if it is not adequate. This should not normally be necessary as the flow is under automatic control. After 5-10 minutes, the system will respond with READY TO GO. During observing, watch out for ice forming on the surface of the chip. If this occurs, shutdown the system by typing SHUT-DOWN at the autoguider keyboard. If persistent icing occurs, increase the nitrogen flushing rate.

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