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All observations

  1. The schedule should specify whether the f/2 or f/4 camera is required. The f/4 camera requires the black spacer box between TAURUS and the detector, the f/2 camera doesn't.

  2. When the CCD is mounted with the f/4 camera, a 9mm spacer is required.

  3. The main wiring loom from TAURUS to 4MS has 10 cables at the 4MS end which must be connected.

  4. The shutter controller. The cable for the A&G interlock goes to socket SK171 on the A&G 4MS. A cable is required either to the IPCS 4MS or CCD controller depending on the detector used. The appropriate detector should be selected using the 2-position knob. When the IPCS is used, a connection is required to the IPCS panic button.

  5. An RS232 cable is required from socket J107 on TAURUS 4MS to the engineering terminal, and from socket J108 to the NIU.

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