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Scope of the manual

This manual describes the operation and performance of the TAURUS instrument as used both for CCD imaging and for Fabry-Perot interferometry.

The manual is divided into seven parts. Part i covers sources of information and help (remainder of Section 1).

Part ii provides a scientific and technical overview of the instrument. The scientific overview covers both CCD imaging and Fabry-Perot spectroscopy.

The technical overview describes the optical and mechanical design of TAURUS itself (Section 3.1), its A&G unit (Section 3.2) , and its detectors (Section 3.3). Note that the telescope is not described here, since a detailed description is given in the WHT Users Guide. Section 3.4 describes in general terms how these components fit together to produce an observing system. Most of the above is relevant both to imaging observations and Fabry-Perot spectroscopy. Section 4 gives a technical overview of aspects of the system relevant specifically to Fabry-Perot spectroscopy.

Part iii discusses how the instrument is set up when first mounted on the telescope. Observers should not normally have to read this part of the manual, but support astronomers should.

Parts iv and v describe the operation of TAURUS for imaging and Fabry-Perot observations respectively.

Part vi summarises the performance of the instrument.

Part vii is a reference section describing in detail the commands used to operate the TAURUS subsystem. Note that the commands for the other subsystems are not listed in this manual, since they (should) be listed elsewhere.

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