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Tilts the filter in the TAURUS focal plane filter wheel.

Format: TFTILT <angle>

Units: Tenths of degrees (?)

Range: <angle> is a number in the range 1-10, or --1 to select the parked position.

Defaults: none

Examples : TFTILT 0

Comments: An interference filter in the focal plane can be tilted in order to shift its central wavelength to the blue (see section viii).

The mechanism responsible for tilting the filter can be disengaged from the filter holder by parking it. This is necessary whilst the filter wheel is moving, and the TFFILTER command is responsible for parking the tilt mechanism before a wheel move and re-engaging it after the move. Note that the tilt mechanism must NOT be set to the parked position during an observation, since position of the filter holder is then not defined; if you do not want to tilt the filter, the tilt angle should be set to 0.

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