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Acquisition and Guidance unit

The acquisition and guidance unit contains the autoguider probe and the comparison lamps for calibration data. The calibration lamps, filters and comparison mirror and the autoguider probe are controlled by ICL commands in the same way as the instrument. The most commonly used commands are listed in Table 7.

The autoguider probe must be positioned by commands from ICL, but the the CCD autoguider itself can be controlled either by commands to the Autoguider D-task from the ICL interface, or through a terminal interface to the FORTH based autoguider control system. The terminal interface is usually used by the Telescope Operator. The operation of the CCD autoguider, and the commands available from both interfaces, are described in more detail in the ISIS User's manual.

The acquisition TV is controlled by a Forth-based system and is normally run by the Telescope Operator.

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