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Catalogue format

Catalogue files are the preferred medium for reading and writing high-precision mask coordinates by LEXT. They are read into LEXT with the READ/CAT command and written with WRITE/CAT. They are text files written in a free format using common astronomical conventions and are thus easily generated from coordinate lists. Their default file type is .CAT, and they must have a maximum record length of 132 characters. A catalogue written with WRITE/CAT can later be read back into LEXT with READ/CAT.

The lines in the file are either interpreted as containing keyword values, object coordinates or a comment. Keywords are valid for the whole file. Coordinate and keyword lines can be mixed higgedly piggedly in any manner throughout the file. However, for readability sake it is best to segregate the keyword lines to either the top or bottom of the file. Keyword and coordinate lines are distinguished by whether non-numeric characters are present. Coordinate lines must only contain numerals, wild card character ``*'', and optional comments at the end. If anything other than the characters ``0123456789+-.ED*! '' are present, the line is interpreted as being a keyword line. Characters to the right of an exclamation mark (!) are interpreted as a comment and are ignored. Lines that READ/CAT can not interpret are also ignored.

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