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Graphical output

Graphical representations of LEXT data can be output to any GKS device. The device is selected with the command

LEXT - IMAGE 3 > DEVICE devicename

The /FORMAT qualifier allows the user to set options for the pen colour, font type and number of plots per page. If devicename is NONE then any currently opened device is closed. If the device is required to be cleared use the command ERASE.

A device may be closed by using the CLOSE command or by typing DEVICE NONE. This is required for hardcopy devices before the output can be sent to a printer. It is not necessary to close a device before opening a new one.

The first output on any device draws up axes and a title, according to the current region. Subsequent changes to the region will not effect graphical output until the device is erased, either explicitly with the ERASE command or by a new DISPLAY. The device will not be erased by a PLOT.

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