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LEXT manual


Nial Tanvir

This document describes the LEXT software package developed to support the LDSS-2 instrument at the WHT. It provides facilities to design multiaperture masks, acquire the target field and reduce the resultant data.

This version differs from the original AAT LEXT (originated by Richard Hook) in several respects. Most notably, data access is now done using DSA routines, and hence both the FIGARO/DST and NDF/SDF images are now supported data formats. There are new routines to support the LDSS-2 convention for specification of masks, field acquisition procedure and data reduction. In addition there are a large number of minor enhancements, such as the propagation and use of FITS header information, improved arc-line fitting, improved sky-subtraction, more examination and filter options. Finally the LEXT procedure language has been enhanced to allow considerably more powerful procedures.

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