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LDSS Users' Manual


Observer Manual

The Durham-RGO LDSS-2 team

Wed Mar 16 00:19:12 GMT 1994

This document is intended to tell observers how to prepare and carry out observations with LDSS-2. It also contains information about operations which would not normally be carried out by observers but which are included for information and as a guide for support astronomers.


The LDSS-2 team gratefully acknowledge the support of Richard Ellis and Karl Glazebrook (Durham), Keith Taylor (AAO), Paul Jorden, Paddy Oates and Robert Laing (RGO) and the technical staff in Durham (under Billy Hogg and Tom Jackson), RGO and La Palma and the staff astronomers and telescope operations staff on La Palma.

This manual was first draughted by J.Allington-Smith and subsequently revised and updated by S.Maddox.

Wed Mar 16 00:17:46 GMT 1994