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Van de Hulst `Light Scattering by Small Particles', Wiley, also Dover 1981
Contains a clear and concise introduction to Stokes parameters.
Gehrels (ed) `Planets, Stars and Nebulae, studied with photopolarimetry',
Univ.of Arizona 1974
Still the best applications overview; no spectral or imaging polarimetry worth speaking of, though.
Serkowski `Polarization Techniques', chapter 8 of `Methods of Experimental Physics',
vol 12 `Astrophysics' (Carleton ed.), Academic Press 1974
The classic on astronomical polarimetry
Shurcliff `Polarized Light, production and Use', Harvard/Oxford 1962
The classic on instruments, components and polarization calculus.
Simmons and Guttmann `States, Waves and Photons: a modern introduction to light',
Addison-Wesley 1970
Quantum-mechanical formalism for polarization.
Clarke and Grainger `Polarized Light and Optical Measurement', Pergamon 1971
Very useful companion to Shurcliff.
Azzam and Bashara `Ellipsometry and Polarized Light', North-Holland 1977 (paperback
Polarization calculus.
Kliger, Lewis and Randall `Polarized Light in Optics and Spectroscopy', Academic Press
Excellent modern treatment of polarization calculus; best single buy.

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