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Plate holder assembly - Obsolete, uncorrected

The Spectrograph is designed to use plates of size 76

5.@ x 255  (3" The plate ate is held in the plateholder under leaf spring pressure., The plateholder is kinematically located into a recess on the plate slide. Slide movement is controlled by a nut and screw defeats corresponding to O.5mm slide movement. The motion can be monitored on a pointer and mm scale.

Sets of spectra (comparison arc and astronomical exposures) occupy a

2mm strips of plate and it is recommended that the plate is racked

5 or five detents between exposures.,

Up to five sets can be accommodated: on: one plate. I A portion of the plate can not be user

c@16-Se geometry of the field flatterer to the plate

c Mechanical fouling

unless the 'plate movement Is tea

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