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FOX errors

Recovering a file which is read out with a `pixels missing' error:

There are two errors that you may see due to the FOX interface. One is reported as

    `Fox Error - too few pixels in image'
the other is

    `Fox Flood'

In both cases try the PROMOTE command to save the image (you may need to Ctrl-Z and BG the run, then type ABORT if it has not finished).


         SYS> dasreset
at the command prompt in the DAS computer (lpss12).

If DASRESET cannot clear the problem, the second stage of repair is to shut down the DAS on lpss12 using SHUTDOWNOBSSYS (no need to shut down on the system computer, lpss10). Then restart with STARTOBSSYS first on the DAS computer then on the system computer.

Remember to restore the settings you may have made to the CCD such as readout speed, window and binning.

Write a fault report whenever this happens!