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Appendix B: ICS commands

Filter commands:

jagfilter <pos>            Moves the CCD filter [1-6].
                           Also adjusts the telescope focus if the TCS is running and
                           selects autoguider filters to keep the autoguider in focus.
mainfilt <pos>             Synonym for jagfilter. 
filter <pos>               Synonym for jagfilter. 
autocol <pos>              Moves the autoguider colour filter [1-8]. 
autond <pos>               Moves the autoguider ND filter [1-8]. 
changejag                  Starts the GUI to view/change filter wheels.

Autoguider probe commands:

autoxy <x-posn> <y-posn>   Move the autoguider probe in X and Y 
autox <x-posn>             Move the autoguider probe in X (0 to 29,200) 
autoy <y-posn>             Move the autoguider probe in Y (0 to 28,900) 
autopark                   Moves the autoguider probe to position 5 5. 
autocentre                 Moves the autoguider probe to the centre 15000 15000.
NB: You cannot have both probes above 20,000, as the motor is in that corner.

TV commands:

tvmirror <in|out>          Puts the TV flat in or out of the light path 
tvshutter <open|close>     Opens or closes the TV shutter 
tv on                      Puts the flat in and opens the shutter,
                           but does NOT switch on the TV.
tv off                     Takes the flat out and closes the shutter,
                           but does NOT switch off the TV.
ccd                        Same as TV OFF.

Miscellaeous commands:

showstatus                 Prints out the status of every mechanism in the JAG. 
zeroset <mechanism>        Reset and zeroset the mechanism. Possible mechanisms are:
                             tvmirror, tvshutter, autocol, autond,
                             mainfilt, autox, autoy.
                           This may take 2 or 3 minutes, depending on the mechanism.
jagreset                   Resets the JAG micro -- equivalent to power cycling it.
                           Use only when zeroset has failed and when the mechanism
                           is NOT at its limit.