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The FITS group of programs are used for disk-tape, tape-disk and tape-tape data transfer. An additional routine, FITSINIT is used to initialise a new tape prior to writing. The routine FITSDIR is used to give a short or full listing of the header records of files on the tape. (A program called DESCR can be used to examine the header records of files which are already on disk).Each program is described in more detail below. For users of the CCD system usually only FITSINIT and FITSOUT will be necessary during the course of an observing run. Tape copying (FITSCOPY) can be requested as a service by the Software Group by using the tape copy forms which are located in each control room. Although CCD data is presently written to 2400 ft 1600 bpi tapes you may request that copying is made to 6250 bpi tapes to reduce the number of tapes which you have to take from the site. Since a 6250 bpi tape can accommodate three 1600 bpi tapes you should ask for these copies as far in advance of when you expect to leave as possible.

Original data is copied to `D' tapes which are kept by the Observatory and returned to Herstmonceux at regular intervals. Observers data is transferred to `C' tapes for removal and use.


To use these programs you must be logged into an observers account with Adam active although you have the option of using Adam without an instrument. (See Section II.2.1).

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