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WHEEL - Select a filter wheel or input parameters for a new


This command is used to create a list of input parameters for a new filter wheel. Note that it allows neither editing nor deletion of data for an existing wheel (see EDITWHEEL command). When there are 10 defined wheels you are asked which one you wish to overwrite.

Adam:> WHEEL

and follow the prompts. You will first be requested to enter the name of the filter wheel you wish to select. If you know the name enter it. You will then be told the contents of the selected wheel and the procedure will terminate. Alternatively type ? for further information or a carriage return, which causes a list of available filter wheels to be printed out. At this stage you will be prompted again for the name (the current wheel will be given if one is defined). To accept the current wheel, type a carriage return. To select another wheel, type its name. If no wheel of that name is defined, you will be prompted for the filter data (after a query as to whether you really wish to continue). The format is:

``Name'', Filter thickness(mm), Focus Offset (mm), ``Type'', Magzero

where: ``Name'' is any string of up to 8 characters. It can be abbreviated if the optional part is put in parentheses e.g. C(lear).

Filter thickness is the physical thickness in mm.

Focus Offset is the focus adjustment in mm - approximately 0.03 per mm. (See Appendix 8).

``Type'' is a comment.

Magzero is the zero point of the magnitude scale for that filter (default 30).

The filters must be entered in order (1 - 6).

At the end of this exercise, the new filter wheel is selected and a summary of its contents is printed out.

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