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KEE(P)/STO(RE)/REC(ALL) - Image file handling

KEEP promotes the GLANCE file to be a RUN file and writes it to tape if tape is the dump device. DO NOT USE it whilst RUN is in progress. RECALL makes a previous run the current image. STORE stores a run in a store file for safe keeping


KEEP requires the object name for the glance image. The string is limited to 24 characters. For longer comments see below. RECALL requires the run number to recall, and STORE requires the run number to store and the store file number in which it is to be stored. All prompted for if omitted.


Adam:> KEEP ``HR1068 V FILTER 10 SECS''

Adam:> REC 10

Adam:> STORE 10 3

Fri Jun 10 17:31:56 BST 1994