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RU(N) - The primary exposure command

Perform a run, always into a new file:-

  1. Check telemetry
  2. Clear the chip unless NOCLEAR flag is set.
  3. Pre-flash if non-zero pre-flash time is set.
  4. Expose (open shutter, time exposure, close shutter)
  5. Read out chip.
  6. Reset the pre-flash time to the default.
  7. Display data on Lexidata.
  8. Write data to selected dump device as FITS image. (Data is always dumped to disk but tape dumping can also be requested).


As for GLANCE, the exposure time in seconds, prompted for if omitted.

The object name can be given as a second parameter. It should be in double quotes and will be prompted for if omitted. ***Note that for runs of less than 10 secs the run will not start unless you answer.***


Adam:> RUN 1000 ``LMC Abnormal Refraction''

Perform a 1000 second run looking at the LMC.


During all but the briefest runs, the ADAM terminal is available for displaying the RUNSTATus, PAUSEing, CONTINUEing, STOPping, ABORTing and running application programs.

Runs are timed using the computer's clock, which is driven from a 50Hz signal from the Time Service. Although the actual exposure time may not be exactly that which was requested, the actual exposure time will be known to about a millisecond accuracy.

If the exposure time is zero, then as for GLANCE, the shutter is not opened at all. This is used when taking bias frames:

ADAM:> RUN 0 ``Zero Bias Frame''

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