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MULTEXP - Perform a multiple exposure

This is similar to the FOCUS command except that focus is not changed and the images are equally separated (again by 10 arc seconds). It is useful for observing photometric standards because several exposures can be made in quick succession to check the sky conditions or to increase effective signal/noise since only one chip readout is involved.


The number of exposures required (1 < n < 10);

The exposure time (in seconds)

The direction in which the image moves on the chip (N,S,E,W)


Adam:> MULTEXP 5 10 W

Note that the subsequent frame has the same status as a GLANCE file and must be kept using the KEEP command. The FITS packet information does not at present record the shutter exposure time for each exposure - only the first. Thus it is recommended that these be copied from the screen as they appear if needed - alternatively the ADAM log can be printed after each such frame. This is done by issuing


and putting the line-printer on-line.

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