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Initialisation Operations

This all automatically happens on startup:-

  1. Initialises the Interprocessor Link (IPL) Software.
  2. Initialises the JKT A and G Box Software
  3. Lists contents of currently recognised CCD Filter Wheel, Autoguider Neutral Density Filter Wheel and Autoguider Colour Filter Wheel.
  4. Initialises CCD Software.
  5. Loads the CCD d-task.
  6. Asks the astronomer which chip he is using - valid answers at present being RCA2, GEC2 and GEC3. (Type ? for help).
  7. Loads, reads back and checks the Control Store.
  8. Opens and closes the shutter.
  9. Checks the telemetry.
  10. Asks the astronomer where he wants the data to go and what the first run number is.
  11. Says which chip bias level is to be assumed.
  12. Checks the currently available space on the SYS (Eagle) disk.
  13. Resets the LEXIDATA image display.
  14. Reports TABLE NOT CENTRED if the Drift Scan Table is out of position.
  15. Reports if a grism is in the beam.


This is a complete software and hardware initialisation. It may be repeated by used of the command CCDINIT (qv) which does exactly the same thing. The CCD controller can be reset using the command RESETCCD (qv).

If on startup it is found that a run is still active then any initialisation that might affect the chip contents is bypassed. In particular this avoids steps 4 through 7 and in addition the NOCLEAR flag is set so that the next GLANCE or RUN will not clear the chip.

The filter wheel software can be re-initialised by typing:-


Note that this command must be issued if the door to the filter wheel unit is opened, for whatever reason.

The CLEAR of the chip can be suppressed by issuing the NOCLEAR command prior to the CCDINIT command.

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