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Further Analysis

Further analysis of clean CCD frames depends on the purpose of observation; for the most part it can be carried out with standard techniques wrapped up in user-friendly software packages. There remain some aspects of analysis peculiar to CCDs which are worth mentioning here without full discussion:

  1. In broad-band photometry, there is a difficulty in establishing a U-band calibration which is consistent with standard scales. This difficulty concerns the form of the cutoff to short wavelengths.

  2. For the RCA and GEC chips at f/15 on the JKT the corresponding scales are 0.41 and 0.30 arcsec. In conditions of good seeing, undersampling is thus severe. This may not affect the analysis of single observations. However, intercomparison of observations will usually require resampling, rebinning, or convolution/deconvolution, and these processes may be heavily constrained by the sampling problem.

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