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One of the features of ADAM is the ability to define command procedures which can be used just as though they are normal ACL (ADAM Command Language) commands. The philosophy adopted for the CCD software is to provide commands at several levels. At the top level are commands that can be used by those requiring a high-level system.

In addition some of the commands used by the high-level system, such as CLEAR (the chip), EXPOSE (for t seconds), READ (the chip to disc), DISP (on the Lexidata) and TAPE (write data to tape as a FITS image), are documented in the expectation that astronomers will build their own observing procedures from these building blocks.

Included in the standard ADAM software is a set of application programs for displaying and manipulating bulk data arrays. The enthusiastic astronomer may bring his own applications programs and run them as part of ADAM.

In command descriptions, the minimum abbreviation is indicated by putting the optional part in parentheses. For example, GLA(NCE) is abbreviable to GLA.

It is intended to represent the system as it is, not as it should be. When a bug or feature is noted, it is flagged with a note labelled ``BUG/FEATURE".

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