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Many different options are available for two dimensional imaging. In recent years the emphasis has been put on developing CCD systems and it is now possible to obtain CCD images at the following focal stations.

In addition the TAURUS imaging Fabry-Perot, and the LDSS multi-object spectrograph, which are described in detail in chapter gif can be used without their Etalon and Grism respectively to obtain broad-band or narrow-band images of the sky. These should only be used in exceptional circumstances, in the case of TAURUS these circumstances include the use of narrow band ( 30 Å bandpass) filters, where the passband is broadened and shifted significantly by the fast converging beam of the prime focus options.

Section gif describes the various CCD imaging systems, whilst Section gif discusses how to decide which option is appropriate for a given application.

The facilities provided by the Ground-based High Resolution Imaging Laboratory (GHRIL) on the WHT are described in section gif.

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