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Data ownership

The PPARC-NWO Joint Steering Committee and the International Scientific Committee have decided that ING policy is that data belongs exclusively to those who collected it for a period of one year, after which it is available in a common archive for all astronomers. It may be used at any time for engineering or instrumental investigations in approved programmes carried out to improve facilities provided at the observatory.

Service observations which are made by support astronomers at the request of others are similarly treated. However, calibration data may well be used for more than one observation and may therefore be available in common for several groups. It may happen that identical or similar service observations are requested by two or more groups. Requests which are approved before the data are taken may be satisfied by requiring the data to be held in common by the several groups. It is up to them how they organise themselves to process it, analyse it, relate it to other work, and eventually, presumably, publish it.

Requests for observations from programmes already executed on the telescopes should be referred to the original owners of the data, and/or to the data archive. This is the policy whether or not the data were obtained by PATT or CAT scheduled astronomers, or by service requests.

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