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Accommodation on site


A well-appointed Residencia provides accommodation and related facilities for all astronomers and mountain-based personnel at the observatory. This Residencia, which is operated by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, is located near the observatory entrance (see Figure gif). There is a Residencia receptionist to deal with room allocation, room key, meals, etc. (The ING receptionist or duty officer will deal with things like transport, mail, etc). The Residencia bedrooms are mostly single (with some twin bedrooms and one double bedroom suite) and are fully furnished together with their own showers, telephones and window blinds. There are also very comfortable lounge and recreation areas, and some computer terminals are now available too. A limited transport service operates between the Residencia and the telescope buildings. If the weather permits, cars can be made available to the scheduled observers, one for each observing team, during their run only.

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