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The tables give the above-atmosphere AB apparent magnitudes which yield 1 detected photon/sec/Å for a wide-slit observation made at the zenith in clear conditions. (Number of photons = number of counts CCD gain; gain typically 1.)

Table: WHT ISIS with the 158 lines/mm gratings and the TEK1 (blue arm) or TEK2 (red arm) CCDs

Table: WHT FOS first-order, with the GEC CCD

Table: WHT UES with the 79 lines/mm grating and the TEK1 CCD and IPCS

Table: WHT LDSS with the TEK1 CCD

Table: INT IDS 235-mm camera with the AgRed collimator, R300V grating, EEV5 CCD and with the AlWide collimator, R150V grating and TEK3 CCD

The throughput of the IDS 500-mm camera has been measured only at 6700 Å; it is similar to that of the 235-mm camera.

Table: INT FOS with the GEC CCD

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