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The ING integrating TV cameras are available for use with user instruments. However there are only a limited number of extra cameras, which are meant as spares, so the use of these TVs should be planned well in advance. These sensitive cameras are vulnerable to over-illumination and great care must be used to avoid damage. Users intending to fit these TVs to their instruments should contact RGO technical staff for details of mounting dimensions, overall size and detector characteristics.

The ING photon--counting and CCD detector systems could also be used with user instruments. These are described in detail in Chapter gif. Prior agreement should be obtained to ensure that these detectors are both suitable and available for use on other instruments. The photon--counting systems in particular are extremely vulnerable to damage from over-illumination, and can only be used on instruments for which special precautions are taken (e.g. the detector shutter and any instrument access hatches should be interlocked).

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