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Newsletters and up-to-date information


Announcements of the status and availablity of ING telescopes and instruments are made in the PATT Newsletter.

Spectrum, the newsletter of the Royal Observatories, contains up-to-date information on ING telescopes and instruments, as well as highlights of recent results and other topical items. Spectrum is published every three months and is distributed widely within the community. If you would like to be included in the mailing list, contact the editor at the RGO, Cambridge.

Up-to-date information is available electronically: the ING Bulletin is issued by email only, from La Palma; to receive these bulletins, mail or to be included in the mailing list for it. The most recent information is kept in the ING information page on the Cambridge World-Wide-Web server, the URL is, or on the ING World-Wide-Web server, or the La Palma Gopher server gopher:// The information which used to be in the LPINFO account on the Cambridge and La Palma Vax computers has all been transferred to the World-Wide-Web servers.

Your support astronomer will be able to advise you. If in doubt, contact the support astronomy group at Cambridge or La Palma.

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