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Support Astronomers

All visiting astronomers are assigned a staff support astronomer to advise them on the optimal way of carrying out their scientific programme. When you are assigned time on La Palma wait for the detailed schedule to be published to see who your support astronomer is. If you are a principal applicant you will get a letter from the La Palma Support Group identifying your support astronomer. It is very important to discuss your observing programme with the support astronomer in advance of your run and confirm the instrumental configuration required; note however that major changes from the programme proposed will not in general be possible.

It is essential that all visiting astronomers discuss their observing requirements with ING or RGO staff well in advance of an observing run, so as to use to the best advantage the facilities available. Users of the ING Telescopes have available a wide range of options in the details of the instrumental set-up. For example, optical elements may be offered with a choice of coatings which maximise efficiency in the wavelength range of interest, CCD systems are offered with a choice of chips with different characteristics, and so on.

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