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During the spring of 1997 the Wide Field Camera was commissioned in the prime focus of the 2.5-meter Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma. This new instrument offers unique opportunities for the UK/NL communities to execute high resolution, deep, wide field optical imaging surveys.

The Wide Field Survey programme commenced in August 1998 and this page provides the portal to access the data sets.

Dates of the scheduled observational periods give an indication of when new data will be available for download. Flux and Astrometrically calibrated data will be made available approximately one month after it has been acquired.

Under the terms of the Announcement of Opportunity the data is made immediately available to researchers from the UK and NL only. The data will be released to the wider community after the standard one year period. (Those researchers associated with the survey applications as co-I's will need to contact Jim Lewis ( ) for password access to the data.)

In order to obtain access to the raw data, requesters must first register. We require this information in order to be able to inform you of when your data is ready for download and also for use in collating access statistics.

When searching the list of observations, you may request data files and submit your request. You will be sent an email upon completion of that request, this will inform you of where and how you may retrieve your data files. Please note that at present the data is only available by ftp download from our ftp site on La Palma. Also, requests are processed during the working day (GMT), with the data being available for ftp download in the evening.

The processed data files will shortly be made available, further details later in September 1998.

Form Description
WFSURVEY Query the Wide Field Survey observation catalogue
REGISTER Register as an archive user
UPDATE Update archive user information
REQUESTS Show status of user requests

The present access system is a provisional one and is subject to change. It is probable that large data requests will be distributed by tape medium in the future and that ftp downloads may be limited in size.

During the April 1998 commissioning period, test data on a small number of fields was obtained. This data is made available to the community. This test data is currently located in Cambridge, UK. Some brief explanatory notes are available.

We ask that authors making use of this data employ the standard acknowledgement in their papers.

Further details may be obtained from the WFC instrument specialist, Dr. N.A. Walton (

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