Robodimm Safety limits

revised 15/07/2003

El Telescopio Meade tiene 3 safety limites de Mercurio, que estan ajustado de manera que no se interrumpan durante el funcionamiento automatico .
En el caso de que uno de estos safety limites se active, estos apagaran el Telescope Power y habra que ir a la torre para hacer un RESET LIMITS, el modo de proceder, es sacar manualmente el telescopio de esa posicion y aparcarlo en su posicion de PARK HA=0 DEC=28.7 (cenit), ahora ya se puede pulsar el boton RESET LIMITS. El safety limits box, tambien tiene un switch que se puede override los limits, este se usaria en la torre en el caso de alineamiento o en alguna otra prueba. hay tres pulsadores marcados con TEST N S y TEST HA, estos switches no deben ser operados, porque que se activaria el safety limits box que apaga el telescope power, solamente se pueden usar en modo de override.
Una oscilacion no deberia activar estos interruptores de mercurio ellos estan conectado a un delay de 400 mileseconds espero que sea suficiente.

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  • How to calibrate the pointing after a power cut or when the pointing is bad

    revised 14/11/2003

    You need to do all this from the Robodimm tower!

    1)-Before you run the program park the telescope at zenith.


    If it is too far from the position release the clamps and park the telescope manually and then use the handset to make small movements.

    2)-Run the robodimm like ./robodimm -m and ./ru, this doesn´t start the automatic robodimm procedure, otherwise use STOPROBOT.

    3)-Issue the following commands:

    selecttarget 30

    it makes life easier loading very bright stars:
    importsao -1 2
    selecttarget 3

    now put telescope in tracking mode:

    send the telescope now to a star:
    goto saoxxxx

    4)-You should now be able to centre the star on the finder-"cross hair"

    At the same time run ./snapper from /data/robodimm/robodimm and follow the prompt. This opens a TV display so you can search and centre it on the CCD.
    When this is done issue the command:
    sync saoxxxx
    .... this should fix the pointing problem.

    Also if you know one star you can go there and sync RA and DEC, where RA&DEC are the apparent coordinates of the target that you are pointing, use the format hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss:
    Example: sync 12:00:00 28:00:00

    5)-Now exit from the ./snapper with ctrl-C and then type startrobot.

    If it is working exit from the two windows and run the program from the control room.

    Carlos Martín