Naomi Restart Facilities

Nigel Dipper     30-May-2002


1. Scope

There are facilities for re-starting all or part of the Naomi software systems both within the engineering GUI ‘TopGui’ and from the ‘navis’ command line. These are described here.


2. Command Line Scripts

2.1 NaomiRestart

This is the main restart script for Naomi. Run it on ‘navis’. It will restart all the required services on ‘navis’ and on ‘aocontrol1’, as well as re-booting the C40 CPUs. Its effect can be modified by command line modifiers as follows:


            -slave              Start only the services on ‘navis’

            -nocomms            Do not re-start the c40Comms server on aocontrol1

            -noc40Boot            No not reboot the C40 CPUs

            -help                Print usage info for the script (Must be the only modifier)


2.2 c40CommunicationsRestart

This will re-start the c40Comms server on ‘aocontrol1’ without resetting any other Naomi systems. Run it on ‘navis’. The C40 CPUs will be unaffected.


2.3 c40Run

This script re-boots the C40 CPUs. It can ONLY be run on aocontrol1. It can be run however from TopGui. (See below).


3. TopGui Buttons.


All of the above scripts can be run from buttons on ‘TopGui’. Open the C40 control page from its icon bar or from Tools -> C40Control from the menu bar. The buttons are coloured pink as a warning. There is no “Are you sure”!


3.1 ! Restart !

This button will launch the NaomiRestart script with no modifiers. It will therefore do a complete restart of Naomi. TopGui will exit immediately.


3.2 ! Boot !

This button is in the C40Comms frame. It launches the c40CommunicationsRestart script. This will re-boot the c40Comms server on aocontrol1. TopGui will exit immediately.


3.3 ! Re-boot !

This button will launch the c40Run script on aocontrol1. The C40 CPUs will be re-booted. Other Naomi services will be unaffected. TopGui will remain up but some of the system status in the EPM will be incorrect. A TopGui restart is recommended.