Instrument Removal Checklist
The operation leader shall sign to confirm that the appropriate telescope ties have been connected before any instrument change begins.

Instrument:                                                Date:

Tick each box when complete.
Work to be completed before Instrument Removal begins.
Tick box
1. Make an entry in LOG BOOK and ensure it is safe to carryout the work. Inform optician of change (for cleaning and CAGB filter change).  
2. If applicable remove ISIS and WYFFOS gratings and store the grating boxes in the cupboard.

3. With the TCS running issue the command 'PARK ZENITH'.  
4. All personnel involved in the change should wear safety shoes and helmets when appropriate.  
5. CONNECT TELESCOPE TIES. This is absolutely essential!
Failure to do this may result in the destruction of the telescope and possible danger to personnel.
The person fitting the ties at CASS has to use a harness, wear a helmet for working at height and use the retractable safety line attached to the harness.

Signature of the Operations Leader:                                                                            Date:                        

6. Check with the detector group if cryostats are to be left in place or to be removed.  
7. Before detectors are removed record the capstan settings in the corresponding log book (detector group).  
8. Check with the detector group if cryostats are to be kept cold or can be left to warm up.  
9. Visually inspect all lifting and handling equipment before use.  
10. If the instrument change is at PRIME check after flipping the top end ring that the lower AND upper locking pin are fully in!  
11. After the change check tools are accounted for and no loose objects like bolts or torches are left on telescope structures.  
12. Check and cover up unprotected sharp instrument edges at CASS.  
13. Ensure instruments and associated equipment are correctly stored and protected.  

Signature of the Change Leader:                                                                            Date:

(after signing store this form in the dedicated folder in the operations room)


Jürg Rey, 31 July 2014