Procedure for changing IDS focus between the 235 and 500 cameras

  1. Bring the ICS and uDAS (pink and orange windows) down completely using the shutdownobssys command
  2. Switch off the detector SDSU controller currently in use from its power supply.
  3. Swap the cables from power supply, the 2 x fibre cables (marked to where they go)  and the camera shutter cable.
  4. Switch on the detector SDSU controller at power supply.
  5. Type obssys in  BOTH the DAS and CI windows at the observing console to configure for the correct detector.

  6. (235 = EEV10, 500 = TEK5)  These are currently options 10 / 11.
  7. Type startobssys in the DAS acquisition window first and then in the CI window.
  8. Type  change_ids to change the camera config in the header data.

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