A Brief Users Guide to the WYFFOS Engineering Mimic

1. Start up.

Logon to lpss3 as wyffos with password wht_wyffos from a terminal capable of an X session.

Once logged on type start_eng and the mimic should automatically start.

2. Shut down:

Simply move the mouse pointer to a blank part of the mimic and click the right mouse button.

3. Operation:

3.1 Displays:

The mimic has a number of displays arranged hierachically. To move down a level move the mouse pointer over any text in blue eg 'grating' and press the left mouse button. To move 'up' a level move the pointer to a blank part of the mimic and press the right button. The top level display is informational only, it is not possible to alter the state of any mechanism from here. Mechanism's are grouped together according to their physical position in the instrument. Therefore the 'slit assembly' group consists of all mechanism's in that area. Clicking on the blue 'slit assembly' text will move down a level and show in more detail the mechanism's associated with the slit assembly.

The next level down allows functionality similar to the VAX commands. i.e mechanism's will move in sequence if neccessary for a particular movement. eg, release clamps then move grating then re-apply clamps. The lowest level called 'engineering control' only controls individual mechanism's. Therefore it is possible to attempt moving a clamped mechanism. Take care!