Two sets of error codes are returned in the status message.

These are command errors and mechanism errors.


These are returned as the first parameter in any status message. They relate to errors in the command received from the network.

The code is returned as two hex digits and has the following meanings.

EPR#  Meaning

01   Mechanism already busy

02   Out of range parameter

03   Not used

04   Invalid format

05   Table full, can't put you on monitor mode list

06   Invalid function

07   Mechanism interlocked

08   Operation cancelled

09   Not on monitor mode list


These are returned in all status messages except 880's.

Mechanism errors relate to faults that occur with the mechanism when an operation ( e.g. a move ) is attempted. The error codes are returned in hex.

ERR# Meaning

01   Mechanical timeout - Mechanism has not reached target position/state in allotted time. Could be a mechanical problem, initialise mechanism to return it to a known state.

02   Communications timeout - Acknowledgement/response not received from SMDM/BCRM in allotted time. Problem with serial link and/or module.

03   Undefined position - Mechanism has not reached target position. Switch values show target position has not been attained or, if mechanism has encoder, encoder reading outside of tolerance band for target position.

04   Un-zeroed -  Mechanism not initialised. Must be initialised before MOVE operation can be executed.

05   Wrong module -  Module name ( in SMDM status response ) is incorrect. This could be for one of two reasons.

i)   The wrong SMDM is connected to this serial link. Put SMDM's in correct places or reprogram offending modules.

ii)   The SMDM BBRAM is corrupt, therefore the module name and probably stepcounts are also corrupt. In this case reprogram   SMDM.

06   Invalid-data - Data returned over serial link has invalid characters. e.g. letters where numbers were expected. Usually refers to SMDM data. Examine data returned ( look at status buffer ) and if necessary reprogram SMDM. Can refer to rotary encoder data. e.g. encoder lamp has failed.

07   Wrong encoder - Not used on A&G.

08   Aborted - A pending operation has been aborted before it has started due to a STOP command being received.

09   Unreliable - Refers to barcode data. Of three barcode reads, only two concur. Barcode or reader possibly getting dirty.

0A   Head absent - Refers to barcode data. Barcode reader head is not connected to BCRM.

0B   Missaligned - Refers to barcode data. Reader head and barcode not correctly aligned.

0C   SMDM negative acknowledgement #0. - Module busy.

0D   SMDM negative acknowledgement #1 - Out of range value or direction

0E   SMDM negative acknowledgement #2 - Invalid motor no. Not 1 - 4

0F   SMDM negative acknowledgement #3 - Motor not initialised.

10   SMDM negative acknowledgement #4 - !+LIMIT set to zero.

11   SMDM negative acknowledgement #5 - Limit switch activated.

12   SMDM negative acknowledgement #6 - Not set to cycle mode.