Encoder Suppliers
Precision optical rotational position sensors for industrial applications
British Encoder Products Co.
Digital tacho replacement, industry standard cube, low cost, miniature, heavy duty, nd hollow shaft encoders
Computer Optical Products
Optical, Incremental, Absolute and Infinite Resolution encoders
Industrial Duty and Heavy Duty Rotopulsers
Empire Magnetics
Stand alone brushless resolver, Incremental Encoders
Optical encoders with 16, 24 or 32 position, mechanical encoders
Gurley Precision Instruments
Rotary Absolute Encoders
Hathaway Motion Control
Optical rotary and linear encoders, motor/encoder assemblies, motion control components, fiberoptic encoders, fiberoptic link encoders and control equipment, absolute and incremental encoders, multi-turn encoders, analog and sine/cosine encoders
Rotary Encoders & Incremental Angle Encoders
Hewlett Packard
Smallest, most economical surface-mount reflective optical encoder; as well as a range of other optical shaft encoders and optical encoder modules for closed-loop servo applications, and rotary pulse generators for manual input applications
Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoders, Incremental Shaft Encoders, Absolute Hollow Shaft Encoders, Absolute Shaft Encoders
Rotary encoders
Miranova Systems
Serial Optical Encoders
900 Series of optical encoders in six configurations (at Industry.Net)
RENCO Encoders
Distance and motion measurement
TR Electronic
Absolute Programmable Rotary Encoders, Hollow Shaft Encoders, Absolute Programmable Linear Transducers, Absolute Encoders & Linear Transducers with Incremental A Quad B Interfaces, Incremental Encoders, and Explosion Proof Encoders
Thomsen Electronics
Optoelectronic encoders designed for harsh industrial environments
U.S. Digital
Absolute and incremental optical shaft encoders, inclinometers, tilt sensors, displays, quadrature decoder IC's, and zero-speed switches