Checking out INT Autoguider Images

This step by step guide should be read together with the full description of the INTWFC Autoguider, where some of this information already exists. In normal operation the INT Autoguider images are discarded and cannot be examined, at times it can be very useful look at them as you would any other image.

So that images are saved to disk, on the 'ING Autoguideur' GUI click on File > save image select the option Save images in FITS format and click the ENABLE button

Now, until the system is restarted, autoguider images will be saved in /tmp/imgfile.fits The latest image constantly overwriting the last.

From the INTDRPC open a terminal and change the directory to today's date e.g. cd /obsdata/inta/20090512

From this terminal open an ftp session to lpss7 by typing ftp lpss7 and login as username: intobs password: ??????

type cd /tmp and type get imgfile.fits to bring the file across.

You now have the autoguider image available to be displayed and examined with DS9 and Iraf.

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