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Horsehead nebula by the WHT Mosaic M13 taken by SITe2 on the JKT M13 taken by the INTWFC M42 taken by the WHT mosaic
M51 taken by the WHT mosaic M42 taken by the WHT mosaic The ING site at sunset The WHT
The INT Mosaic Camera The WHT Mosaic The SAURON spectrometer The INT Mosaic opened up
The MIT deep depletion CCD EEV13 camera faceplate INGRID at CASS WHT Mosaic camera mounted at UES
Planetary Nebula Spectrograph Inside an EEV camera Micro-graph of an EEV42-80 CCD  M74 with the INTWFC

New and Old INTWFC Mosaics  New L3 heads  Medium FormatL3 CCD  Liris on handling trolley

Liris on telescope


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