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The AUTOGUID packet lists the header items which define the state of the autoguider camera. The header records should be as follows:

AUTACQT = REAL                / Integration time for acquisition (s)
AUTGUIT = REAL                / Integration time for guiding (s)
AUTWINDO= INTEGER             / Autoguider window used
AUTMODE = CHAR                / Autoguider mode used (e.g. Cass, UES)
AUTXSEE = REAL                / Mean FWHM in X for guide star (arcsec)
AUTYSEE = REAL                / Mean FWHM in Y for guide star (arcsec)
AUTXSRMS= REAL                / RMS on FWHM in X for guide star (arcsec)
AUTYSRMS= REAL                / RMS on FWHM in Y for guide star (arcsec)
AUTMAGNI= REAL                / Mean instrumental magnitude of guide star
AUTTRANS= REAL                / RMS variation of magnitude of guide star
AUTMAGOF= REAL                / Magnitude zero-point 
AUTSTATN= INTEGER             / No of data-points used for stats. calculations


Craige Bevil