loop - Command to close/open the WFS loop

     loop [-i|-h] (open|close)

     loop is a script executed from the command line  which  will
     allow the caller to open or close the WFS AO control loop on

     When commanded, the script in turn passes a request onto the
     NAOMI data server which in turn requests the NAOMI sequencer
     to perform the desired action. See the  ENVIRONMENT  section
     for  details on how to specify the name of the machine which
     is hosting the NAOMI data server.

     The command  line  options  that  the  program  accepts  are
     detailed below.

     -h   Print usage information about the application.

     -i   Print usage information about the application.

     The script returns the following codes after execution.

     0 - Command completed successfully
          This code is returned when the command is  successfully

     1 - Command Failed
          This code  is  returned  when  the  command  is  fails.
          Failure  may  be  due  to a number of reasons and which
          will be reported to both stdout and to the syslog.

     2 - Command timed out
          The command has failed to  complete  in  the  allocated
          time allowed.

     3 - Incorrect command line arguments specified
          This code is returned when the command line  arguements
          have been incorrectly specified by the user.

     3 - The target position has been incorrectly specified
          The position of the science object has not been  speci-
          fied correctly.

     20 - No command status returned by the NAOMI sequencer
          No command  status  has  been  returned  by  the  NAOMI
          sequencer  so  it is impossible to deduce the status of
          the NAOMI command.

          If the NAOMIHOST environment variable is set, this will
          be  used by the script to establish the location of the
          NAOMI data server (see EPMDataServer(1)).  By  default,
          the  NAOMI  data  server  is  expected  to found on the

          This should be set to  include  the  directories  which
          contain  the  WHT  OCS support classes. This is done by
          default from the whtobs account.


     Craige Bevil (

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